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05.09.2007 18:27, Krista E-mail Homepage :
Hi, Karel!
Just wanted to wish you all the best at Nebelhorn-Trophy and all the upcoming season, I hope you will have many awesome moments at every competition!!!
Looking forward to seeing you in Sweden :)

Best regards from Latvia

05.09.2007 18:24, Sissy E-mail :
Hi Karel! wish you good luck in the upcoming season,hope this will be a new break-through season for you!
I'll be meeting you at Cup of China in November, am really looking forward to it.
btw, the host city of CoC is one of the coldest places in China, so don't forget to take a sweater with you :D

Best wishes from China

05.09.2007 15:25, Rebekah E-mail :
Karel, I just wanted to leave you a message and wish you good luck at Nebelhorn-Trophy. And that you have a great season!

Rebekah from the USA

05.09.2007 15:20, Sigrid from Spain E-mail :
Ciao Karel!
Very good luck for this new season that starts soon with the Nebelhorn trophy ;)

I'm sure you'll do your best this season, and it will go perfect :)

Greetings from Spain!

Page: < 1, 2, 3, ... 19, 20, 21
Entries: 204
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