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05.09.2007 19:37, Alex E-mail :

Greetings from Sarajevo!I would just like to wish you all the best and good luck at the Nebelhorn-Trophy and all other upcoming events on behalf of all your Bosnian fans and myself of course.
It is nice to see someone bring something fresh to the sport, and we do love the way you skate!!!!!


Alex, Sarajevo

05.09.2007 19:36, Dori E-mail Homepage :
Hi Karel!

nice site! :) I just wanna wish you good luck for the upcoming competitions! I wish one day I could do at least 5-10% of what you can do on ice... *sigh*
Go for the gold!
Take care!

Dori from Hungary

05.09.2007 19:35, Petra E-mail :
hey Karel!
new season is commin' and i wish you good luck for nebelhorn trophy as well as for all the other competitions ;)

Best regards from Czech ;)

05.09.2007 19:34, Victoria Homepage :
Hi Karel!
I wish you good luck to all competitions this season! It's always interesting to watch your programs and i always support you and wish all the best!
Hope to see you in Sweden!
Best regards,

05.09.2007 19:10, Sheena from Ireland :
As another new season is about to start, I want to wish you even more success than last year & joy in everything you do. I am looking forward to seeing you skate again in Goteborg next March. Best wishes & happy skating from Sheena in Ireland.

05.09.2007 18:43, Micheline E-mail :

I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals! Work hard and be happy, always.

Take care~
United States of America

05.09.2007 18:39, Sam E-mail :
Hi Karel....I would very much just like to wish you alot of GOOD LUCK ! this season.
I love your skating and can't wait to see it....Best Wishes to you !

05.09.2007 18:38, Bára from Czech Republic E-mail :
Nazdarek Karle!
Toz jed, jed, jeeed, ty kluku blondatá! Ano, to je myslím výstižné a není zapotrebí žádných dalších slov ;-)
Hodne štestí a úspechu Ti preje

05.09.2007 18:35, Nina from Germany :
Dear Karel!
I had the chance to talk several times with you at Euros this year, and I can confirm that you're one of the nicest persons I've ever met. Your skating is pure fascination to me and I can't wait to see your new free program, which, I'm sure, will be as great as the last one!! I'm gonna be at the Nebelhorn Trophy in September, and hopefully we'll meet again.

05.09.2007 18:29, Liza E-mail :
Hi Karel! I wish you success at Nebelhorn-Trophy!!! Have a time time there and enjoy.
Regards from Perú

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Entries: 204
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