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Entries: 204
05.09.2007 19:58, Alena :
Dear Karel!
I wish you all the best and lot of luck in Nebelhorn - Trophy Oberstdorf.
I cross your fingers :-)
Have a good time.
Alena, The Czech Republic.

05.09.2007 19:57, Silke E-mail :
I just wanna wish you good luck and all the best for the upcoming competitions!
Have a nice day,
Silke from
Berlin/ Germany

05.09.2007 19:56, Veronika Homepage :
Hello! I saw you in Lyon and I will (hopefully) come to Göteborg and see you at the worlds. I wish you all the best for this season!
Vero from Germany

05.09.2007 19:54, Vaso E-mail :
Hello Karel!
I just want to wish you all the best of luck for the new season!
I really enjoy your skating so I look forward to watching you at the competitions! I will be rooting for you:)
Take care, Vaso from Greece xx

05.09.2007 19:53, Emily from Czech Republic :
Hi Karel!!

Me and my family are your big fans and we all want to wish you the best luck in the up-coming season!

05.09.2007 19:50, Eva-Maria :
Hi Karel,
Best wishes and Good Luck for the Competition Nebelhorn- Trophy Oberstdorf
Eva-Maria and Withold from
Mainz Germany

05.09.2007 19:41, Gosia E-mail :
Dear Karel!

Buona fortuna for Nebelhorn Trophy and the whole upcoming season! Your skating is a pleasure to watch, I'm looking forward to seeing you at Worlds in Sweden, hopefully.

Best wishes,
Gosia from Poland.

05.09.2007 19:40, Gislaine :
Hi Karel,
a good chance in Nebelhorn Trophy and for all new season which is fast approaching.
Gislaine from France

05.09.2007 19:39, Serre E-mail Homepage :
Hey Karel!
Have fun at the Nebelhorn :)
Ma perchè diavolo sto scrivendo in inglese? Bah :P

Un bacio!

Serena from Arenzano

05.09.2007 19:38, Judu E-mail :
Hi from Hungary! :))
I wish you all the best :) and good luck at the Nebelhorn-Trophy :D
Everything will go splendidly, I know it cause you are great. :D (I sound a little cheesy,aren't I?sorry:D but it's true!)
Best regards,
lots of love,
Judu from Hungary :-)

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Entries: 204
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