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Entries: 204
06.09.2007 10:48, Helisabeta :
Hey Karel!
Love ur skating and hope to c more real soon!
Kisses from Greece!

06.09.2007 07:20, Emily :
Hi Karel!!

Me and my family are your big fans and we all want to wish the very best and good luck in the next season! We keep our fingers crossed for you!!

Hodne stesti!!!!!:)

06.09.2007 06:59, Daphne from Netherlands Homepage :
Ahoj Karel!
Jak se mas? Bild How is the 3A coming along? I hope it's already better than in Oberstdorf. I hope you will be able to land it atleast in Zagreb and later in Göteborg, together with all the other jumps etc. Bild I will be there to cheer you on Bild

good luck! Hodně štěstí !

Bild - Daphne

05.09.2007 20:30, fodrika E-mail :
Hello Karel, You're so talented skater. I'm waiting to see your programs in live (maybe in Göteborg?:)) I'd like to wish you good luck for the coming season.

All the best,
Rita from Hungary

05.09.2007 20:02, Karolina :
Good luck in Nebelhorn-Trophy. We're crossing our fingers for you here in Poland. :*
Have a good time during this season.

05.09.2007 20:02, Autumn E-mail :
Hi Karel! You are a great skater! I would love to see you skate in person someday! I just wanted to wish you luck in your season this year! =]

Best wishes,
Autumn from the USA

05.09.2007 20:01, Carla E-mail :
Hi, god luck for the following season. I\'m waiting for you here in Gothenborg becouse of I\'m Italian but leave here. I\'m so excited to see you live again, like last year at nationals i Trento. I love to see you skate, you really make me dream. All wishes
Ciao dall\'Italia/Svezia

05.09.2007 20:00, Monika E-mail :
Hello Karel,
I'm writing to wish you good luck in the following season. Remember that your fans are with you no matter what happens. All the best for you from Poland :)

05.09.2007 19:59, Mary and Evgenia E-mail :
Hi, Karel!
We are following your creativity for along time, every year you adds. Last season was simply wonderful!
We wish you luck and success in all endeavors.
Best Regards from Russia

05.09.2007 19:59, Ann E-mail Homepage :
Dear Karel!
I have a great honor to wish you all the best for the upcoming competition from all of your fans from Poland (and we are already quite big group ;])
You're amazing skater and I know that you are able to do great on all competitions in this year!!
We all believe in you and keep faith in your skates ;)
Best wishes,

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Entries: 204
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